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Save more than money… save time.


When you and your staff are overwhelmed with divorce financial discovery documents from opposing counsel, or even your own clients, delegate your divorce financial discovery to us!

It is sometimes impractical and impossible to find the time to organize, review, and analyze divorce financial discovery documents to your satisfaction. Reprioritize your practice through delegation to become more productive and profitable!

Do you want to know which financial documents you have received?
We do that.

We confirm the bank, account, and date of the documents. We track and relabel every statement by date, institution, account type, and last four account numbers for quick identification and retrieval, even if they reside within a multi-account statement. We provide Gap Analysis reports, designed to be easy to read, identify received and missing documents, and formatted to be quickly forwarded to opposing counsel when resolving discovery issues, saving you both time and frustration.

Do you want to find purchases from a jewelry store, cash withdrawals, or other transactions of interest?
No problem, we do more than verify statements.

We capture the transactions, organize and categorize them, and place them in a searchable document that includes all accounts. Additionally, our searchable report provides payee, city, state, and date fields, making access to the information easy to narrow down and quick to retrieve. Furthermore, we include the name and statement date from which the transaction was captured, making the trace back to the original statement painless. We remove the frustration of looking for details across months of statements, multiple financial institutions, with different layouts and formats. We provide information by Chapter, Page, and Verse.

TrueRecords offers automated solutions to address many of the mundane and time-consuming processes in financial discovery. Using our experience in Agile project management, financial management, and business process analysis, True Records provides results faster and more reliable than anything the traditional financial discovery process offers.

Contact True Records today for a free sample report, and let us show you how outsourcing your divorce financial discovery to us can save you both money and time.

How we help you

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At TrueRecords, we understand how important it is for you to have fast, quality and detailed financial discovery analysis. We have designed three stages of services to align with your workflow and court deadlines. We provide:

• Fast and High-Quality
• Extraordinary ROI
• Flexible Services

Fast and High-Quality
We provide fast and high-quality organization and validation of the financial discovery documents you receive from both your client and from opposing counsel. You are no longer rushing to enter a demand letter or a motion to compel at the last moment. Our fast turn-around time gives you more lead time to request the information you need to support your client.

Extraordinary ROI
Adding us to your team ensures you and your client an extraordinary return on investment. Our automated processes allow us to provide consistent and high-quality services at affordable costs. Outsourcing financial discovery helps you WIN by knowing early on if there are any missing documents, if you have received duplicate or partial statements, or if there are signs of PDF tampering.

Flexible Services
TrueRecords can support your financial discovery requirements for all size cases. Whether your case requires an analysis of 1 year or 20 years of financial statements, our services scale to meet your needs.

e-Discovery & Fraud

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In recent years much has been written about the eroding trust and confidence in the reliance of electronic financial documents (eDocs/PDFs) as factual evidence. Where once PDFs were considered difficult to alter without special skills and software, access to the internet and commercial applications has provided many options to modify and create fraudulent documents.

TrueRecords understands the security vulnerabilities of e-documents, and we have institutional knowledge in both financial analysis and the underlying technologies of secure records. We combine this knowledge with statistical algorithms to assess technical indicators of fraud and tampering of electronic documents.

Our algorithms review and note characteristics in metadata, fonts, overlays. Other in house forensics tools test the layout and design against our database of known valid records. We scan every document for commonly known alterations and provide access to deep scanning services to reveal complicated schemes to hide manipulations.
Moreover, we provide you with a substantial assessment of the authenticity of your PDF e-documents which can help you:

• Demonstrate to the court problematic behavior.
• Provide legal guidance to your client.
• Illustrate due diligence.
• Ensure the capture of factual vs. fraudulent data for a financial baseline.

TrueRecords believes that good faith negotiations begin with honest discovery, and detection & demonstrating fraud is the best leverage when prying authentic records from an unwilling plaintiff or defendant.


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For the purpose of demonstrating the challenges of spotting alterations in financial documents, we have posted the sample excerpt. This snippet has two fraudulent changes that are meant to deceive. In general only 80% are able to identify at lease one of the changes. How well will you do?

Hint: The first alteration is an attempt to falsify the payee, the second an account.


Because we identify fraudulent documents through application analysis, a untruthful individual must be perfect in their deception and knowledgable in the processes of electronic forensic to cover their tracks. However, computers never miss.

Exhibit 1: False Payee
2/19 2,000.00 SunTrust Mrgt. EPAY

Unlike all of the other documented transactions in this statement, this entry contains both upper and lower case characters in the payee name. For many banks this is the norm, however this entry occurred in 2017 with a financial institution that created statements in uppercase which is confirmed by the rest of entries and our database.

Exhibit 2: False Account Transfer
2/25 150.00 TRANSFERRED TO ******8036

Sometime the best lie is one that's mostly truth. In this example, the transaction was alter to misrepresent the destination of the transfer. This is often done to hide information that might elude to an account that was purposely excluded.

Rather than change the whole line, only the last two digits (36) have been change to mimic an account they have disclosed. However this trick did not go unnoticed. The system detected changes in the font type, font size, and file compression. If you look closely enough, you can see the difference in typeface by comparing the digit 3 to amount in the Miscellaneous Fee in the statement.

Drop us your email for a free Sample Report or consultation with our Client Support team today!

Our founder

Sylvia Morrison

Founder and CEO
    Ms. Morrison is a Certified Senior Project Manager from IBM, with credentials in Iterative Processes (RUP) and as an IBM Solution Designer.
    Moreover, Ms. Morrison is an Agile Certified Scrum Master (CSM) from Scrum Alliance and holds Certification at the Project Management Institute as a registered Project Management Professional (PMP).

    Additionally, She is an associate member of the Family Law Section of the American Bar Association (ABA), a member of the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA), and Certified Professional Life Coach from the International Coach Federation (ICF).


American University Alumni,
• Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology.

University of Maryland, College Park,
• Bachelor of Science Degree in Microbiology
• Masters of Science Degree in Computer Systems Management.
Washington DC Metro Area
(844) 548-7884

Message from our founder

"I am CEO and Founder of Kaizen Operations, Inc, DBA TrueRecords – an IT consulting and services company. Several years ago, a client asked if we could provide an automated solution to the simple but tedious task of processing financial discovery. Specifically, the collection, the labeling, and the verification of documents, thereby relieving attorneys of this time-consuming duty.

First, we considered challenges in discovery not from our perspective but yours – sole practice, small and mid-size law firms. We looked at issues and lost opportunities in discovery workflow, document fraud, and identification of relevant financial matters. We mapped out project management best practices and documented pain points in the law firm's discovery process flow. Additionally, we examined the legal time constraints, modifications, scheduling, and customer demands placed upon legal representatives.

The bottom line, we found that time, leverage, and cost (TLC) were the pain points in the discovery process for lawyers, their support staff, and their clients. With these three points in mind, I challenged our process & development teams to design a solution. A solution that not only provides more information and leverage for lawyers but one that maximizes their time and minimizes their cost.

After 4 four years of development, three years of operation, and personally seeing the results for not only our customers, but also for their clients; I am convinced that our product's ability to provide pin-point accuracy, identify actionable items, and present a targeted understanding of the financial picture is key to receiving a most favorable outcome.

I am proud of our products, and I look forward to providing our services to you."

Sylvia Morrison