Determined, Informed, & Prepared.
TrueRecords, providing financial services for managing your unexpected life events
In a eyeblink, life changes.
Unemployment, poor health, a broken marriage, the loss of a beloved parent are stressful life events. They are life events that demand an abrupt change in your personal time and priorities. Requiring your focus to address family, financials, or other life event issues that may have been triggered.

They are challenges that need more than empty verbal promises and a quick fix, they need information, facts, and a plan to be successful.

TrueRecords is a financial services company with applications designed extensively to simplify the arduous tasks in financial discovery. Our applications can handle issues in identifying unknown financial accounts, revel inappropriate transactions, and assist in calculating settlement offers. Furthermore our services are modular yet automated from end to end. Allowing you to purchase only what you need, keeping your cost low, and the flexibility to receive additional services on your original purchase if needed.

Transforming the data into information.
Keeping our focus on process/project management, we have simplified each task to handle scale and ensure quality. From digitizing all of the financial details so that data is easily filtered, to applying context giving it more meaning and depth, we transform data into information.

Moreover, we add value with the addition of correlating dates and yearly periods to reveal facts, thereby minimizing the time needed to find essential transactions.
We designed our products to speed through the process of capturing critical facts so that crucial information and sensitive deadlines are not missed.

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Suggestion: Always have a second pair eyes on any problem.
Most solutions can be found simply by viewing the issue from a different perspective.
Beyond information to documentation and facts.
From family court preparation to an offer and compromise, we offer collaboration with legal professionals and non-profit organizations to help identify the best strategic approach and plan to achieve your desired outcome. Moreover, we can assistance in research and data mining the financial information to produce documents of proof in support of your case and exhibits for submission in court.

Additionally, we hold free bi-monthly discussion groups sharing results and challenges with the option to receive private consultation if desired. Our goal is for you to have a roadmap, with manageable steps that are focused on achieving your objective.

At TrueRecords, we understand the threat that some life events can pose to your financial and emotional wellbeing, and we are here to help you see another perspective and plot a plan to sucess.

Don't panic, don't ignore, & don't runaway.

We can tackle this together.
Garnishment, liens, foreclosure are severe legal actions. However, until a court has enforced these actions, they are only words that represent one of many possible outcomes.

At TrueRecords, we place all of our efforts in finding facts and providing solutions for our customers. Therefore we don't waste your time attempting to scare or intimidate you about worst-case judgments. Instead of promoting sales through scare tactics or promises of fairy tail outcomes, we demonstrate our success through real customer stories.

Below we have included two recent customer cases for your review.
We share the customer's concerns and wishes, data findings, strategy & plan, in addition to the outcome and financial bottom line.

We feel strongly about the results our services can produce, and we believe once you see, you'll choose us to be on your team.
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    The Help I Need

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Child Support: Challenging the numbers for more than minimal support.
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    Last Promise

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Last Promise:
The search for facts, justice, and truth.

Our founder

Sylvia Morrison

Founder and CEO
    Ms. Morrison is a Certified Senior Project Manager from IBM, with credentials in Iterative Processes (RUP) and as an IBM Solution Designer.
    Moreover, Ms. Morrison is an Agile Certified Scrum Master (CSM) from Scrum Alliance and holds Certification at the Project Management Institute as a registered Project Management Professional (PMP).

    Additionally, She is an associate member of the Family Law Section of the American Bar Association (ABA), a member of the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA), and Certified Professional Life Coach from the International Coach Federation (ICF).


American University Alumni,
• Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology.

University of Maryland, College Park,
• Bachelor of Science Degree in Microbiology
• Masters of Science Degree in Computer Systems Management.
Washington DC Metro Area
(844) 548-7884

Message from our founder

"I am CEO and Founder of Kaizen Operations, Inc, DBA TrueRecords – an IT consulting and services company. Several years ago, a client asked if we could provide an automated solution to the simple but tedious task of processing financial discovery. Specifically, the collection, the labeling, and the verification of documents, thereby relieving attorneys of this time-consuming duty.

First, we considered challenges in discovery not from our perspective but yours – sole practice, small and mid-size law firms. We looked at issues and lost opportunities in discovery workflow, document fraud, and identification of relevant financial matters. We mapped out project management best practices and documented pain points in the law firm's discovery process flow. Additionally, we examined the legal time constraints, modifications, scheduling, and customer demands placed upon legal representatives.

The bottom line, we found that time, leverage, and cost (TLC) were the pain points in the discovery process for lawyers, their support staff, and their clients. With these three points in mind, I challenged our process & development teams to design a solution. A solution that not only provides more information and leverage for lawyers but one that maximizes their time and minimizes their cost.

After 4 four years of development, three years of operation, and personally seeing the results for not only our customers, but also for their clients; I am convinced that our product's ability to provide pin-point accuracy, identify actionable items, and present a targeted understanding of the financial picture is key to receiving a most favorable outcome.

I am proud of our products, and I look forward to providing our services to you."

Sylvia Morrison